How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills


Cats find endless entertainment in windows.

From observing the world below to treating curtains as makeshift playgrounds and

repurposing your blind cords as their toys, the opportunities for amusement seem boundless.

7 Tips On How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills

1. Use Cat Repellent

Lots of cat repellents are sold in stores.

They vary in how they’re named and what they’re made of, but they all work by

having stuff that cats really don’t like the smell of.

You can find safe cat repellent sprays at pet stores.

Put it on your window ledges, and you can feel at ease knowing your

cat won’t be near those windows for a while.

2. Purchase an ultrasonic sound gadget.

Cats possess an exceptional sense of hearing, picking up sounds beyond our range.

To deter them from certain areas, people often turn to devices like

ultrasonic sound machines, a favored choice.

These small gadgets can be positioned anywhere in your home.

For instance, if your cat frequents a windowsill, simply place the device there.

Rest assured, the sound emitted won’t bother you since it’s inaudible to humans.

However, your furry friend will find it irritating, prompting her to steer clear of

the area where the ultrasonic device is positioned.

3. Spray Bottle

One classic way to keep cats away is using a spray bottle with warm water.

If your kitty does something she shouldn’t give her a few spritzes.

Just make sure she doesn’t get too wet to avoid her getting sick.

A little spray should be okay. Cats usually don’t like water and will avoid it.

So, if she tries something like climbing onto your window sill and you spray

her a bit, she’ll likely stop and find another spot.

You can keep the bottle nearby as a reminder that it’s off-limits for her.

4. Try using double-sided tape.

Double-sided tape is a great way to make cats stay away for good.

They dislike it because it feels odd on their paws and they really don’t like getting stuff stuck to them.

Many people use this trick to keep their pets off furniture, stoves, tables, counters, and more.

I’ve used it with my cats, and it worked like a charm. It’s a reliable tip!

5. Human Scarecrow

Okay, I won’t delve into the ethics of scaring cats away from your windows

in the neighborhood, but sometimes using scare tactics might be your only option for now.

The quickest way to shoo an outdoor cat off your window sill is by rushing

toward them, clapping loudly, and making a lot of noise.

It might not keep them away permanently, but it could temporarily get rid of those

bothersome cats from their spots.

But just a heads up, they’ll likely return within about half an hour unless you

try one of the other methods listed here.

6. Prevent access to the window.

If your cat is young or has health issues that prevent climbing or jumping, this method can help.

Make the window sill unreachable by taking away any furniture the cat could use to get there.

Without a way to reach it, the cat will find it difficult and will likely give up trying to get to the window sill.

7. Spicy sauce to deter cats

Capsaicin, present in many hot peppers, is strongly disliked by most cats.

A top choice, powdered cayenne pepper, has a high capsaicin concentration and works well as a cat repellent.

Mix half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with water, then spray it on the window sill.

If that feels like too much work, simply sprinkling some cayenne

pepper or chili flakes on the sill should effectively deter your cat and any outdoor

felines from lingering around your windows.


In conclusion, keeping cats off window sills involves understanding their behaviors and using various strategies to deter them.

Whether it’s employing repellents, ultrasonic devices, spray bottles, double-sided tape, scare tactics, restricting access, or even using spicy deterrents, there are multiple approaches to discourage feline perching.

Experimenting with different methods may help find what works best for your situation, ensuring a cat-free and undisturbed window space.



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