Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?


Cats are known for pushing things off counters and shelves.

 You can find lots of videos and comics online showing cats doing this. It can annoy cat owners. 

Reasons Why Cats Knock Things Over

1. Your cat wants attention.

Cats might knock things over to grab your attention. 

When they’re feeling lonely or bored, they might knock something near you to divert your focus. 

If you react each time they do it, they’ll probably keep doing it more often.

2. They’re Hungry

When a cat’s hungry, they may persist until they get fed, even if you try to delay. 

If you’re holding off on feeding, your cat might express their hunger loudly. 

While you don’t have to give in immediately, it might be worth discussing with your vet or a vet tech about changing their feeding schedule.

3. It’s simply the way cats naturally behave.

Your cat’s instincts affect how they act. 

Even though knocking things over may seem odd to us, it’s just what cats do. 

They’re naturally curious and check out their surroundings for dangers. Plus, they’re hunters by nature, so they might practice hunting on things that don’t move.

4. They’re Bored

Your cat might be bored, especially if they stay indoors. 

Without enough toys or when left alone for a long time, they might start searching for things to keep them entertained.

5. They’re simply enjoying themselves.

Cats like to play and have fun. 

When they can’t find toys or feel curious, they might swipe something off the table and chase it around. 

They might try to play with a feather on your hat but accidentally knock over the hat stand. 

When cats are having fun, they might knock things over, whether it’s intentional or not.

How To Prevent Your Cat Habit of Knocking Things Down

1. Engage in interactive activities with her.

Place stimulating toys, like puzzle feeders, in various locations for her entertainment during the day.

 Introduce cat furniture to enrich her environment, especially when you’re not present. 

Additionally, ensure to dedicate daily play sessions to prevent her from creating her own entertainment.

2. Pay no attention to her.

If you believe your cat is knocking things over for attention, it’s best to ignore her (and remove any fragile items). 

Responding immediately only reinforces the behavior. 

Even scolding her might be interpreted as attention, further encouraging the behavior.


In conclusion, understanding why cats knock things over can help cat owners address this behavior more effectively. 

Whether it’s seeking attention, hunger, instinctual behavior, boredom, or simply enjoying themselves, cats have various reasons for engaging in this activity. 

By implementing strategies such as providing enrichment, engaging in interactive play, and ignoring attention-seeking behavior, cat owners can help prevent their feline companions from indulging in this habit excessively. 

Ultimately, patience, consistency, and understanding of feline behavior are key to fostering a harmonious relationship between cats and their owners.








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