Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye?

Cats lick your eye to claim you as their own and tell everyone you’re theirs.

You should avoid it because it can spread infections.

Reasons Why My Cat Lick My Eye


Your cat might bite your eye because it’s attracted to the salty tears you’re shedding when you’re upset. 

Cats are drawn to strong odors, so if your cat sees you crying, it may come close to your face and sniff your eyes.

To discourage this behavior, clean the area more often to make it less appealing and consider giving your cat a salt lick, available at most feed stores, to satisfy its craving for salt.

2.Seeking Attention

Cats use licking as a specific way to grab their owner’s attention. 

When a cat licks you, the texture of their tongue is so distinctive that it’s hard to miss.

Cats are intelligent animals and use licking and meowing to communicate with humans.

3.For Protection

Cats are prone to eye infections from birth, so frequent licking to keep their eyes clean is crucial. 

This behavior often stems from their natural protective instincts, which may explain why your cat licks your eyelids.

4.Mimicking You

Regularly cleaning your cat’s face and gently wiping its eyes is a good practice. 

In doing so, your cat might even mimic your actions and reciprocate the care.

5.Excessive Licking

With compulsive licking, certain cats find it hard to control themselves.

This behavior might be connected to your cat’s underlying anxiety or a persistent obsessive tendency.

In such situations, it’s important to identify the source of stress or trigger in your cat’s life that is driving them to lick compulsively.

6.Grooming and Cleaning

Cats enjoy staying clean, although individual preferences vary. 

That’s why you may have observed your cat spending considerable time grooming itself while sitting in the sun, basking in the sunlight.

Cats often view humans as larger, hairless, and somewhat peculiar fellow felines, or even as kittens. 

Thus, they may lick your eyelids as a way of cleaning and grooming you.

This behavior is not uncommon, as cats, particularly older ones, are known to assist in the cleaning and grooming of kittens.

7.Mimicking Their Mom

When a kitten’s mother frequently hisses and remains in a defensive mode, it’s highly probable that the kitten will adopt similar behavior.

Similarly, kittens raised by affectionate, nurturing mothers who enjoy cuddling, grooming, and licking their offspring often exhibit these same behaviors.

Therefore, your cat’s behavior can provide insights into its upbringing around its mother and other cats and kittens.


In conclusion, when your cat licks your eye, it can be attributed to various reasons. 

Whether it’s to claim you as their own, seek your attention, provide protection, mimic your actions, exhibit excessive licking, maintain grooming and cleaning rituals, or even reflect behaviors learned from their mother, each motive offers a glimpse into the intricate world of feline behavior. 

While this bonding and communication between you and your cat is heartwarming, it’s essential to ensure hygiene and consider your cat’s well-being to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your feline companion.


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